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Vic Popp has engineered many designs, processes, and systems for a variety of purposes....

products, processes, accident & failure analysis...

This experience makes us uniquely qualified to solve unusual problems:





Industrial Clients Served


VPOPP Inc. has serviced a variety of industrial clients with design and consulting services on weldments and hydraulics. Photo left: Mezzanine bridge with hoist; hydraulic test rig trouble-shooting and redesign; Hydraulic specifications and design for a molten metals crucible tilting operation.



Consumer Product:

Developed key processes for new product which deposited powders on high speed web. Embossed web pockets captured powder on rotating drum using vacuum and pressure porting. 


Developed processes for high temperature aerospace instrument manufacturing:  MIG, TIG, laser, and plasma welds; using X-ray, SEM, and mass spectrometer analysis. Taguchi, SPC, and Just-In-Time. Credited for $120K per year in savings.



"Breadboard" for automated surgical sponge manufacturing (right): ultrasonic welding, die cutting, vacuum holding and removal, and suture feeding/positioning integrated into production system (rates of two pps).



(Top) High speed driveshaft tester: tests 4 drive shafts up to 7000 RPM and 20,000 in-lbs. of torque, road load simulations. Configurable for different drive shafts.

(Bottom) 5 axis ball joint tester (bottom): steering ball joints under high res. closed loop control.


                                   Developed many high temperature materials test systems (to 2300 deg. C) .                          Both high vacuum (to 10E-7 Torr) and gas chambers .



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