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VPopp Inc. offers unique design, inspection, and failure analysis skills for residential, commercial, and industrial matters:

  • Licensed Engineer (MA, CO, & CT) and Certified Structural Engineer

  • Commercial Building Inspection Engineering

  • Licensed Home Inspector

  • Licensed Construction Supervisor (MA; Unrestricted for Commercial and Residential)

  • Design (residential, commercial, industrial)   

  • Machinery, refrigeration, plumbing, heating, pneumatics, and hydraulic

  • Foundations (including seismic)

  • Design work includes unique structures with critical stiffness and dynamic requirements

  • Review of roof structures for handling alternative energy systems.

We can determine cause and origin of failed structures and materials. See brief tech note on Foundations (MSWord or html) and insect damage (MSWord or html).




Retrofit Draw Bridges for Mezzanines at Solar Manufacturing Facility:

V. Popp Inc. designed an automatic drawbridge with electric lift for mezzanines at GT Solar's manufacturing plant. Left photo shows bridge fully closed. Right photo shows bridge half opened during construction.


Analysis of Hydraulic Motion Base Performance:

This 3 DOF motion base was used for ocean wave simulation but it did not meet the clients specifications. VPOPP Inc. was responsible for overseeing the engineering analysis which led to the system improvements which led to successful performance.

Large Test System For Biaxial Testing (100,000 lbs):

Project managed by V. Popp included two high-stiffness fabricated steel frames. Provided to NASA for pulling apart aerospace panels. Large vacuum chamber and 1500 deg. C furnace was integrated as part of V. Popp's responsibility.

Big Rig for Automobile Steering Systems

Project included steel frame to react high static and dynamic loads.  All frame resonances designed for 25 Hz minimum. Large heating/cooling chamber was also integrated.


Old Barn; Dedham, MA:

Foundation damage due to frost heaving. Remedial action recommended.

Old Barn:

Ridge sagging due to powder post beetle damage of rafters.

Condemned Barn Stabilized:

This roof truss failed, pushing out the second story wall, and condeming the building. Cause of failure and stabilization method specified by VPOPP.

Old Building Structures Re-Engineered:

Inspections, repairs, renovations, and failure analysis.

New Additions and Structures Engineered:

Stamped engineering reports to meet Code.

Amusement Ride:

V. Popp designed the mechanical and hydraulic components for this closed-loop, 3-D, Hydraulic Motion Base (virtual reality ride).  Frame deflections and resonances were critical.


50,000 lb. Cable Breaker:

This steel frame breaks 3/4 inch thick steel cables up to 30 feet long.


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